Window film with
outstanding quality

KDX window film with outstanding quality

Automotive Window Film


Full line of product series in automotive film. Produced in professional clean room in an International standard construction.


Architectural Window Film


A full set of customized solutions for commercial building protection. VLT up to 74% and TSER up to 58% of the top insulation products, effectively reduce energy consumption and save costs.

Safety & Security Film


A whole series of safety films including thermal insulation film and anti-graffiti film. Up to 21mil, and 80 inches, invisible protection, durable safety.

Car with Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Car with Paint Protection Film

Effectively prevent scratches, rock chips, wear and tear traces, oxidation, aging, and yellowing of the paint surface. The KDX LUMI Paint Protection Film is ultra-bright with high definition, which can protect the color and gloss of automotive paint.

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