KDX Paint Protection Film Warranty Registration


Congratulations on Your Newly Installed Paint Protection Film and Thank you for Choosing KDX!

You will find all the maintenance information below. If you would like to registration your Paint Protection film now, click here.

Care instructions for your newly installed Paint Protection Film

For the first 30 days

  • Do not push or touch air and water bubbles under the film. It will dry within the first 30 days.
  • Never touch exposed edges of the film. This could cause the film’s adhesive to release and cause damage to the film. It can also cause air pockets and dirt to get under the film’s edges.
  • Avoid any extreme heat, water, or car washes for the first 14 days to allow film to dry.

Ongoing maintenance

  • Avoid using pressure washer and car wash stations. If edges become dirty, use a mild soap and microfiber towel. Or take it to your preferred automotive detail shop or original installation shop that specializes in paint protection care.
  • Keep an ongoing vehicle cleaning at least every two weeks ( for daily drivers) to maintain the appearance of the film.
  • Never use a buffer or orbital polisher on the paint protection film.

KDX Paint Protection Film Warranty Information

Vehicle Owner Warranty

KDX designs, formulates and manufactures the LUMI Paint Protection Film series for performance and durability. KDX’s commitment to quality is the foundation for the warranty coverage we provide.

KDX Paint Protection Film Warranty includes:
LUMI Supreme
• 10-year warranty coverage
• Yellowing • Bubbling • Cracking

LUMI Classic
• 5-year warranty coverage
• Yellowing • Bubbling • Cracking

LUMI Matte
• 5-year warranty coverage
• Bubbling • Cracking

Limited Warranty:
This warranty does not apply to damage caused by misuse, accident, misapplication or ordinary wear and tear, nor does it apply to dents caused by physical impact of rocks or road debris. Warranty coverage does not include paint pull during film removal process. This warranty is only provided to the original purchaser and is not transferable to another vehicle owner. For your warranty to be valid, the warranty must be filled out by an authorized KDX dealer and accompanied with a copy of the original receipt. Some dealers may choose to offer, on their own behalf, a different or additional warranties, beyond the limited warranty offered by KDX.

Making a Warranty Claim
To make a warranty claim, please contact the original installation center first. In the event the dealer is no longer in business, please contact KDX at (877)492-9210. We will then direct you to an authorized dealer nearby for further inspection. if your claim is covered, the dealer will provide removal and replacement of film without additional charge.

KDX Paint Protection Film Warranty Registration Form

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