Window Film Warranty Registration

Congratulations on Your Newly Installed Window Film and Thank you for Choosing KDX!

You will find all the maintenance information below. If you would like to registration your window film now, click here.

Care instructions for your newly installed window film

After installation, there may be a streaky & hazy look throughout the window film. This is temporary, caused by the solution used to apply the film. After this moisture dries, the hazy condition will disappear. Water spots also may be seen in the film. These spots will dry out within the first 30 days of installation. DO NOT operate windows until your film is dry. Dry time varies from state to state. KDX recommends windows to not be in use for a minimum of 3 to 5 days. The window film maybe washed after 14 days from the installation date. Never use an abrasive
cleaning agent to clean window film.

KDX Automotive Window Film Warranty Information

This warranty card covers the following KDX America Window Films:

  1. KDX Nova Nano Deep-Dye Series
  2. KDX Cosmic Carbon Series
  3. KDX Stellar Ceramic Series

KDX America and the Authorized Dealer warrant that, as long as you own your vehicle, these products will:

  1. Maintain all solar properties
  2. Maintain its original color
  3. Not crack, blister, or bubble
  4. Not delaminate

In the event the product is defective. under this warranty, the film will be replaced free of charge by an Authorized Dealer without additional charges. This warranty is only valid for the original consumer and is not transferable. Please retain this warranty card as it must be presented, along with your original invoice, to an Authorized Dealer in order to receive warranty service.

The legality of automotive window tint varies from state to state. The customer should familiarize themselves with the legal limits for window film within their state. KDX America is not liable for any loss, legal action, or expense arising from illegal or improper application of their product. KDX America reserves the right to inspect any films before a warranty claim is approved. KDX America reserves the right to deny a warranty claim based on the product inspection results. The warranty is VOID if the product has been subject to abuse or improper care.

KDX Window Film Warranty Registration Form

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